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Hi My name is Malik but i guess it does not matter anymore i've had a hard life as a hatchling in black marsh i lived in a clan i worked in the garden my mother had she was an alcemist till i was old enough to fight. My father was a fine warrior. Chief worthy but he didn't become chief had a responsebillty he said he trained me but not in fighting but in justice he talked about the hist that all is life from the tiny-est grass to the biggest mountain from the little skeever to great beast of the storys i heard from an elder who told the hatchlings amazing things in a place called SKYRIM where tales of the nords honor greatness in battle and legends about dragons who long time ago vanished from nirn about a great beast the nords called the world-eater where even the stoutest nords fell in battle against as i remmember he called it alduin a terrible dragon on the contrary to akatosh our great dividne that stopped the conflict still riddels me even if it happends over 100 years ago daedric worshippers tryed to take nirn by force only talos were able to unite it after he finished he started to teach me to fight i didn't learn much as it is for self-protection all were peaceful untill bandits raided our clan most died in the fighting me and my mother survived my father died later of his severe wounds his last words was "if you become great remember that you are from a little humble clan too remember what i taught you and live well" i stayed in black marsh untill my mother passed then i began to have strange dreams of a strange creature blasting fire against a village and i saw nords run i started to hear but only to hear destrution and cries i saw no hero rise from the ashes and my heart bled for those poor people so i stood up to fight but i got burned it didn't hurt and in my childhood it hurt alot then a spark touch my hand to my shock i woke up my heart pounding i gasped for air then i heard a rebellion started in skyrim it was not a covinsidense my dream and skyrim were alike i felt i had to go to skyrim i got to cyrodill and walked my way up to skyrim then i saw fighting untill the leader stoped and the fight stopped a legion soldier caught me claiming i was an scout to the stormcloak rebellion i protested but my words fell to deaf ears and then my greatest adventure began 


it's a secret to u

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